School uniform which has the school logo depicted on it can be purchased via Stitch Design and Your School Uniform.

Uniform rules are as follows:


Winter – Green coat, bottle green skirt/pinafore dress, white blouse (no polo shirts), green/white socks, school tie, green cardigan (with school logo) and black shoes.

Green Winter hats and scarves are permitted

Summer – Bottle green and white dress (no shorts) and black shoes.

PE kit – White t-shirt(with school logo), blue shorts, trainers, blue Sweatshirt (with logo) tracksuit bottoms.


Winter – Green coat, green jumper(with school  logo), white shirt (no polo shirts), school tie, charcoal grey school trousers (shades of grey and black not acceptable) and black shoes.

Bottle Green winter hats and scarves are permitted

Summer –  white shirt, school tie, charcoal grey shorts and black shoes.

PE kit –white t-shirt (with school logo) , blue shorts, trainers, blue Sweatshirt (with school logo) tracksuit bottoms.

In the interests of health and safety, long hair MUST be tied back.  Hair that is longer than COLLAR LENGTH (girls and boys) must be tied back .No fashion or unusual haircuts and of minimum grade 2 for boys please.

Only green or black hairbands/ribbons are permitted – No other fashion hair accessories.

No jewellery of any kind except watches which can be worn.

Ear-rings should be pierced at the beginning of the Summer holidays to allow time to heal. Children may only wear studs in school which must be removed for PE.

Please note that smart watches or devices eg Fitbits are not allowed in school.