At St. Mary's we follow 'The Way, The Truth & The Life' syllabus. 

This syllabus is based on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic schools. It has been developed by teachers in direct response to a perceived need for a clear framework for effective, systematic and rigorous teaching and learning, at least equal to that of other curriculum areas. To this end it addresses both content and methodology.

The primary content of all religious education material is the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church and their implications for the lives of people today, and particularly for the lives of the pupils. Religious education material must, therefore, always present the three key elements of the Christian faith:

  1. that every human event is marked by the creative activity of God which communicates goodness to all beings
  2. that the reality and power of sin limit and numb every person
  3. that the life, death and resurrection of Christ, communicated by the Holy Spirit, give believers the hope of a definitive ‘fulfilment’

Material not incorporating those three elements “cannot be authentically Christian”. (cf. GDC para 16)

Other faiths are addressed as a consequence of, and in the context of, Catholic teaching. Catholic teaching about the action of God in the world requires an informed and respectful approach to other faiths. By a study of the action of God in these faiths, Catholics can come to a deeper appreciation of the revelation of God in Christ. Catholics can also learn from the practices of other faiths (e.g. patterns of prayer, fasting, pilgrimages etc. cf. GDC para. 200).

The syllabus incorporates attainment targets: learning about the Catholic faith (AT1) and learning from the Catholic faith (AT2). These are set out in the form of specific key learning objectives for each module.

Parent Survey 2023

 Here is a link of our parents thoughts, based on their children's Religious Education at St Marys

"The Teachers at the School are kind and create a lovely atmosphere for our child (previously others) to learn and develop into confident and happy young people."

"St. Mary’s is a very supportive community with so many faithful families living their faith through fellowship and example. St. Mary’s does a wonderful job at fostering this community and providing support. There have been invitations to the parents and carers to join in the rosary club when it takes place. It’s a wonderful opportunity for parents to be involved in the school prayer life and pray alongside their children, teachers and staff. I look forward to when it’s on and hopeful for more opportunities like this. Thank you!"

"I think the Catholic values are very well communicated to the children and creates a strong sense of community in school. This is lovely and I’m thankful for it."

"I love listening to the facts my child learns about the Bible"

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The Wednesday Word

The Wednesday Word - 6th December 2023

Advent is the season of hope, culminating in the celebration of the birth of Jesus, which brings us the good news that we are loved unconditionally by God.

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6th December 2023

The Wednesday Word - 29th November 2023

This Sunday we begin to celebrate the season of Advent, a time of waiting and prayer. It’s a special time to pause and reflect on the real reason and true meaning of Christmas and give thanks to God for the gift of Jesus to the world.

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29th November 2023

The Wednesday Word - 22nd November 2023

This Sunday is the last in the Church’s year. It is the day we celebrate the feast of Christ the King.

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22nd November 2023

The Wednesday Word - 15th November 2023

This Sunday’s Gospel reminds us to use our talents well. When Jesus told this parable, the ‘talent’ he was speaking about was a sum of money – a weight of silver or gold.

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15th November 2023

The Wednesday Word - 8th November 2023

Wisdom is a gift from God which helps us to see things more clearly and make the right choices in life.

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8th November 2023

Saint Stories

Faustina Kowalska, was born to a poor family in Poland and had nine brothers and sisters. As a young girl Faustina loved Jesus and by the time she was seven years old, she wanted to become a nun. This meant that she would leave home and join a community to live a quiet life of prayer.

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