Welcome to the Nursery’s class page! Below you will find diary dates and suggestions for how to support your child/children coming into the Nursery. If you have any questions you would like to ask regarding the blog please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ideas on how to support your child at home:

  • Help them to gain independence e.g. encouraging them to put on their own coat and tidying up their toys when they have finished playing with them.
  • Reading books with your child and discussing the book e.g. the characters and the setting, or encouraging them to join in with repeated refrains or phrases.
  • Singing number songs together e.g. five little monkeys, five little ducks.
  • Baking/cooking with your child e.g. counting the ingredients needed together.

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We look forward to the year ahead (filled with lots of fun)!

Mrs Goldbold, Mrs Mclaughlin, Mrs Laljee

Home Learning



Nursery Highlights

Early Years Music Resources

Miss Gentile (‘Miss G’ – to the Early Years children) has very kindly put some music resources together for the children to access at home.

Here are Miss G’s recommendations:

Children Enjoying our Nursery