Year 6 Cricket Report by Alice

My heart was beating very quickly as we hoped on to the bus, I still wasn’t that sure on how to play cricket, as we only had two lessons before the competition. I felt nervous and excited at the same time, I couldn’t stop fidgeting with my hands.

Mrs Bell had said that we would get split into two teams which I was quite happy about because I would get to work with people I normally don’t work with. She only told us what teams we were in when we got there.

When we got there, we saw another group of girls getting off the bus which we later played against. We also saw a lot of other schools there and everyone was practising cricket. Mrs Bell got us into two teams (they weren’t the teams for the actual competition), and we played a throwing game that we had played in P.E on Monday, and after that we practised playing a real round of cricket. We played around 3 or 4 I would say, it was quite fun.

It was time we got split into the two teams. I was excited because I didn’t know who I would be with, all I could think about is if I would get put into a good team and I did get put in a good team, I was actually very pleased with the team I was in. If you were wondering my team was Me, Lola p, Erin, Annie, Julia (captain), Georgiana, Darcy and Lucia. It was a great team!

First, we got to watch a match it was really useful because we got to see the team’s weakness and their strengths, we had some food whilst we watched since there was no time for lunch, it was eat whilst you aren’t playing.

It was finally time for our first match, the two teams’ captains played rock, paper, scissors to see who would pick if they got to bat or field first. Mrs Bell told us to always pick fielding first. The other team won, and they picked batting first which was amazing for us. We had a fielding rotation, so it wasn’t a mess.  It was time for me to ball, I was super nervous since I’m not that good at balling, but I did pretty well.

 Now it was time for us to bat, my team was really good at batting. Julia was my batting partner, and we made a pretty good team. Julia went first and on her first bat she scored 4 runs! I also managed to score 4 runs but not on my first go. I think we played that match really well. The umpire didn’t tell us who won that match, she actually didn’t tell us what we got in any of the matches, but the red team kept on saying that they won even though they didn’t know.

Next, I think we played a purple team, they were quite good at batting but they were horrible at balling and fielding. Lola p was probably the one who scored the most that round and I don’t think Julia and I got any boundaries that round , we got a couple of runs that’s for sure.

We also played a black and white team which they didn’t have any fielders on one side of the pitch, but none of us could hit the ball to that side of the pitch so that didn’t really help us.

We sat down and got to talk to the other St Mary’s team, and they were doing really well, Danielle was telling me that they had only lost one match and it was against the green team. Danielle said that one of the girls got nearly 7 6 runs!

Mrs Bell and the parents who were helping had to have a really serious talk, they were deciding if we should either stay and play our last match or go back home. I personally really wanted to stay to see if we would win. They decided that we would stay, I was really happy!

It was time for our Last match, we played against the green team. This was probably the match I was most nervous about because of what Danielle had said. The Green team won rock, paper, scissors and they chose to bat first, we did such a good job at fielding that the girls that got 7 6s didn’t get any and we, we got lots of 6s.

We all crowded around Mrs Bell because she was going to tell us what place we came in. My team came second, and we get to play at the mini youth games, we were so happy I couldn’t believe it and I still can’t believe it. The other team hasn’t got their score yet, but they probably did really well.

The competition had ended; we were walking to the bus stop. I was literally dead. I still couldn’t believe; my team had won second place!

I would say this was overall an amazing experience, at first, I thought cricket was boring but turns out its really fun.

- By Alice, Year 6