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St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School Chiswick

Pupil Premium


Pupils eligible for Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) are:

·Pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM)

·Ever 6 entitlement to Pupil Premium is the number of children who have been registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years

·Children who have been looked after continuously for more than 6 months

·Children of armed services personnel

St. Mary’s is committed to ensuring that maximum progress for all groups of children and strives to close any gaps.  We actively promote equality of opportunity for all staff, governors, pupils and parents, creating a harmonious learning community where all can thrive.

We have a clear strategic approach to the use of Pupil Premium funding and plans are integrated into wider school support and improvement systems. These are monitored at fixed points throughout the year dependent on the support but at the minimum termly so as to ensure that the support is allowing for maximum progress.


Key Priority:

To close the disadvantage gap by addressing inequalities and raising the attainment of those students within the identified target group.


Our expectation:

Targeted additional support strategies, which result in every student, however financially disadvantaged, being able to have full access to our curriculum and our extra-curricular experiences. All students in the target group who are currently underperforming because of the impact of their disadvantaged background will make improved progress leading to narrowing of any attainment gaps.

Our strong leadership systems ensure that we our Pupil Premium funding is having maximum impact. This includes: an identified governor (Jean Walkin), the Headteacher (currently the SENDCo) and the Finance Administrator working closely. All matters relating to the Pupil Premium are reported back to the Governors, ensuring that the school is held to account for the impact of spending.


As required we are publishing online, information about how we have used the money and the impact it has had.

Pupil Premium (PPG) received

Amount (£)

Pupil Premium Received 2013-14


Pupil Premium Received 2014-15


(Estimated) Pupil Premium for 2015-16



Nature of support in 2014-15 pupil premium summary:


After analysing pupil data, the Leadership team and class teachers planned the support that was going to be provided to individual children. This support was to help children meet and exceed expected levels of progress. It was to address learning needs for individual children and ensure more able children’s needs were also being met.



Total Income



Staffing costs:

  • 121 mentoring by Senior Management
  • Wave 2/3 support by TAs
  • Follow up on Speech and language derived interventions by TAs
  • 121 teacher support
  • 121 Support with Homework
  • Daily reading support programme






  • Nessy reading and spelling programme
  • Nessy Fingers touch-typing programme
  • Racing to English (English language support programme)
  • Variety of kinaesthetic learning resources





















Measuring the impact of 14/15 Pupil Premium Grant spending:


The children were monitored regularly to ensure they were making progress and the support given was having an impact.


Phonics Test:

This is a very small group and thus outcomes can look very polar in representation. The year 1 PPG group last year fell short of meeting the required standard. Closer analysis shows us that their outcomes ranged between 26-27, so they were very close to the expected standard of 32. In comparison to 13/14 where the range was 1-16, this is progress however our high expectations of such a pivotal skill will be a strong focus for development in 2015/16.


Key Stage One SATS:

As with the data for the phonics previously, the cohort for this group was extremely small and as a result the data can be misrepresented as a child can equate to 33%.

33% of the sub-group achieved a level 2B+ in Reading

·0% of the sub-group achieved a level 2B+ in Writing or Mathematics


Key stage 2 SATS:

·In Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) 71% achieved level 4 + with 57% of those children getting level 5

·86% of the children in Reading got level 4+ and with 57% of those children getting level 5

·100% achieved level 4+ in writing with 71% of those children getting level 5

·In Mathematics, 100% of the sub-group attained level 4+ with 71% getting level 5   

·86% of children made 2 levels of progress in Reading with 29% making 3 levels of progress

·100% of children made 2 levels of progress in Writing with 86% making 3 levels of progress

·100% of children made 2 levels of progress in Mathematics with 43% making 3 levels of progress


2015-16 Pupil Premium Plan:

Estimated Income: £ 30,143




Targeted Pupils

Cost from PPG

Monitoring method

Achievement for All

- Name of programme?

- Staffing cost for 0.5 inset day

- All PPG pupils and pupils that have made limited progress over the past two terms


- In built audit and evaluation methodology

RM Easimaths

- To support PPG pupils to narrow the Gaps in Mathematics or to continue to support good progress

- All PPG pupils vulnerable to not make expected grade by the end of the academic year


- Termly Summative NC data on achievement of standards

- Ongoing in-built assessment tool

Rainbows bereavement Programme

- To support bereft pupils so they can come to terms with their loss more effectively

- All PPG pupils with SEBD needs

£1500 resourcing and £384 for staffing (trained TA) £241.80 supervision by DH. Total £ 2125.80

- Qualitative observations and pupil conferencing

Homework Club

- To ensure that children have the opportunity to have their project work supported where this may not be possible at home for a number of reasons

- For all pupils whose parents have expressed a need for support in this area

Cost of senior staff to run the club on a weekly basis after school on a Thursday.


- Feedback from parents and class teacher.

- Gaps are being narrowed

Phonics support sessions

Phonics booster group to support those having not met the required standard in year 1 and those who are vulnerable to not meet it in the future i.e. PPG pupils.

-All PPG pupils at risk of not achieving the required standards.

-All PPG pupils having not met the standard from the previous year

-Any pupils year3+ who’s knowledge of phonetics is holding them back from achieving their potential.

-All PPG pupils in EYFS (Summer term)

- Cost of Deputy Head running the sessions four  times a week to support the QFT in class and to fill any gaps in knowledge and understanding. £6803

-Previous phonics checks from 2014 and 2015 to be used to monitor progress. Then ultimately outcomes for summer national phonics check

Wave 3 FFT 121 writing programme training

- To support writing for vulnerable children at risk of not meeting national expectation


Trained TA to run programme: £474.00


Post Adoption Team: Early life trauma training & attachment Theory Training

- To develop the staffs capability to work with children who have experienced early childhood trauma and be able to support their needs more effectively

- All post LAC children and other children who have has traumatic events in their initial stages of life.

- £350

- £450

- £1000(release time for all staff to attend)

Total: £1800



Auxillary aid for an individual child’s specific needs

Confidential to protect a child’s identify.

-At individual child’s specific needs

- £862

- Feedback from the pupil and NC progress

- Levels of engagement


Place provision for clubs, residential trips etc

Targeted funding for children to attend opportunities they otherwise would not to develop their social skills / Self Esteem in a safe and secure environment

-All PPG (particularly post LAC) with SEMH / SLCN needs

- £1500


Mentoring from Leadership Team

-Pupil conferencing

- Drop ins to discuss targets

-Offering a ‘safe place’ if necessary

- PPG pupils at risk of not narrowing the gap.

- £8000


Nessy Fingers & Nessy Learning

(SEN teacher)

- To support writing /Phonics/spelling skills and improve touch typing speed to support access to the curriculum


- PPG pupils under A.R.E in English / SpLD

- £4500



Total approximate Cost:



As a school we will be continually reviewing and improving the provision for our Pupil Premium children. Due to the small representative numbers for the group concerned we can very quickly adapt our provision to fill any gaps in the children’s knowledge to support their learning effectively.

For more details on the Pupil Premium please visit: