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St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School Chiswick

Parents Evening

Please read ALL of the information below before booking any appointment!

During the course of the year there are two occasions when parents meet formally with their child' s teacher. One in the Autumn Term and one in the Spring Term. In the Summer Term parents receive a written report on their child progress throughout the year. There is also an opportunity for parents to meet with the teacher again if they so wish.

Please click on the class that your child is in to book an appointment.

When booking an appointment it would be helpful if you put your child's full name in the box.

If you have selected a time and clicked save then that is your appointment slot so it would be advisable to have a pen and paper ready to note down the time and day of your appointment. If you cannot remember your time please do not book another appointment as there are only thirty time slots, instead ask your child's teacher what your appointment time is.