Brentford FC 30 Seconds Daily Challenge

We challenge you and your participants to take another one off our 30 seconds daily challenge - can you beat the score? Share your video and tag #BeeatHome, daily winners to be announced!


Uwaoma - I like that video of Ben, you must be very good at football.

Uwaoma - Ellie that looks hard Ellie you are so good at '' Stir the Cauldron Hula hoop

Uwaoma - Wow! that looks very hard Ben I can not get that in time.
I managed to do 80 inside foots because I got distracted

Obinna - I tried to do that in 50 seconds but it was to hard. Hula hooping is really hard. Well Done!

Uwaoma - cool football move ben I like those skills

Aston - I managed to do 85 and it was very hard and hard to keep track of the ball

Aston - I managed to do 54 inside foots because the ball ran away on 24

Obinna - Cool Ben nice moves

Obinna - That is epic I cannot even do that in time

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