Borough Tennis Competition

On Monday 25th April, Mrs Bell took players from Year 6 & Year 5 to play in the Borough Tennis Competition.

We were 3 teams, each with 4 players and we all played 5 singles matches each.

When I played my first match I felt nervous but also excited at the same time.

Even if we didn't win every match, all the Umpires encouraged us to keep going.

In the results, When St Mary's 2 was announced in 3rd place out of 6 schools, we all felt proud and pleased.

St Mary's 3 finished 5th and it was a draw for the winning spot so they had to count back.

 St Mary's 1 came 2nd overall and got silver medals.

Overall it was both a fun and thrilling experience.

- Sport Report by Nicole W (Year 6)


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