At St. Mary's our History and Geography curriculum are taught in a variety of exciting topics.  We aim to encourage children to become curious about the world and other cultures around them. In studying History, children consider how the past influences the present and what past societies were like. In Geography, children develop knowledge of places and environments throughout the world and how to understand maps.

In Geography, we teach transferable skills that engage the children and prepare them for everyday life, from map reading to an understanding of the weather. At St. Mary’s we aim to use the immediate local area, as well as London’s rich geographical resources, to extend children’s knowledge and experience.

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1, the children begin to develop an understanding of the world around them. They begin to gain an awareness of the UK and its surroundings; they also learn the names and locations of the seven continents and five oceans across the world.

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, we begin to use a range of different maps, atlases and globes to identify the UK and other countries. The children also use four and six figure grid references to build their knowledge of the United Kingdom and the wider world.