Our School Mission and Values

Our vision and values at St Mary’s are guided by our Mission Statement;

‘Living and learning, inspired by our faith’.

It is our mission to nurture and develop the full educational potential of each child based on the example and inspiration of Jesus Christ. We achieve this by providing a very high-quality education in a caring atmosphere of happiness and security, where all are valued and encouraged to reach their goals. The life of our school is firmly founded on gospel values, preparing pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. We celebrate and value the uniqueness of the individual and believe each child is, “created in the image and likeness of God”. (Gen 1:27)

At St Mary’s we put our vision and values into practice daily by:

  • Encouraging all members of our school community to be proactive, caring and responsible Christians
  • Creating a passion and love of learning by providing a curriculum, which is broad and balanced; that delivers a high quality, inclusive education for all, where creativity and independence are allowed to blossom and thrive.
  • Teaching the children the life-long skills of perseverance and responding to challenge to enable them to contribute successfully in society now and in their later life.
  • Nurturing the children to develop their confidence and positive self-esteem to help them grow into happy, confident, and well-adjusted children.
  • Providing a learning environment, that is nurturing, supportive and stimulating for children and staff.
  • Dedicating ourselves to doing everything that we can so that children grow as healthy as possible, are protected from harm and are listened to and treated fairly in line with our rights respecting school work.
  • Developing in the children an appreciation and respect for other religions and cultures in our society.
  • Encouraging and motivating our highly skilled team of staff and continually developing our knowledge to ensure the best possible education for all of our children.
  • Providing a positive community where partnerships between the children’s families, the parish and the wider community are recognised, valued and promoted in order to achieve the best outcomes for the children in our school.